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      1. Our Services

        We are specialist in the Manufacture of pre and post war wire wheels specialising in custom made wheels for pre-war sports cars, classic saloons and racing cars. At P J Hallewell Engineering we offer the following services:


        Copper, nickel and chrome to BS service condition 4

        Powder Coating

        Powder coating or wet finish either in standard colours such as silver or black. Colour matching to customer specification also available.

        Repairs & Refurbishments

        • Rebuilding
        • Re-spoking
        • Blasting
        • Powder Coating
        • Most rims and centres available
        • Alloy wheel polishing
        • Lips and barrels polished
        • Single spoke replacement from £10
        • Rolled over edge wheels manufactured
        • Wheels re-built and re-coated from £170

        We also stock all sizes of blank spokes and nipples, we cut, bend and thread to customer requirements and also providing Thread Rolling which is stronger than a cut thread.

        All work is carried out by the proprietor therefore no V.A.T. is charged. Please contact us today to see how we can be of service on 01895 674852.